Travel Things To Know Before You Buy

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جَوْلَةجَوْلَة عَمَل في خارج البِلادجَوْلَهرِحْلَهيَتَجَوَّلُ pay a visit to, see - go to see an area, as for entertainment; "We went to begin to see the Eiffel Tower each morning" period, stretch of time, time period - an period of time; "a time period of 30 decades"; "hastened the stretch https://haniest.info/%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%b9%d8%b1%d9%88%d8%b6-%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%b3%d9%8a%d8%a7%d8%ad%d9%8a%d8%a9/


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